We are independent modern Nordic women from
the rapidly growing digital and innovative country.

WomenReinvent. Transformational change and reinvention for 40+ women

Tallinn is our home city and capital of Estonia.
Our government is supporting Tallinn in becoming the Europian Green Capital.
Tallinn is a city were new innovative ideas are welcome.
Estonia is strong in digital skills and solutions, which became essential during the lockdown in spring 2020.
In Estonia women are more educated than men and will take more power in the leading role in the nearest future, at least we hope so.
The leader of the largest party is a woman.
The chancellor of Justice of Estonia is a woman. The Minister of Education is a woman.

Evelyn Womenreinvent

My name is Evelyn Soidla. I am an executive and team coach, a transformative supervisor and a trainer.

I like to make a difference and inspire people and teams to get better and happier. I believe that creativity is one of the keys which helps to get through many challenges. Therefore, I am using creative methods to offer solutions for my clients on their path. Additionally, I support systematic and appreciative ways to approach obstacles and challenges.

Integrating my experience and competence into creating value to my client’s lives is my ultimate goal in life!

Hi, I am Marget Mark – an executive and team coach, a business consultant, a trainer, and a transformative supervisor.

I have a strategic, systemic and futuristic mindset, therefore, I have a deep belief in the value of personal growth and self-made success. I have the experience in launching companies and trademarks, leading successful teams. My aim is to create value and transformational change through helping teams and people to clarify their vision and achieve their targets. In my working process I rely on positive and holistic psychology, systemic and solution focused approach, NLP skills, and long-term  management and leadership experience.

OUR TANDEM. Why do we do it together?

  • We collaborate as a tandem because it supports us on the way.
    Leading, guiding and educating are in our DNA.
  • We share common values as development, change, desire to learn, beauty, and femininity.
  • We are independent women who know what they want.
    Independence and freedom of choices are just a few examples.
  • We always look for better solutions and we never give up.
    Tomorrow is the next new day to make choices. Good is not enough, when it can be much better!
  • We love to be women in the very classical sense.
    Yes, men, please open the door for us!
  • We have many similar experiences in life.
    Like, how to be a mother and an inspirational role model for our daughters. 
  • We share hobbies which are connected to creativity such as sewing and DIY.
    Prêt-à-porter isn’t the first choice for us.

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