It has been challenging to be a woman through different times. Today, especially in uncertain times, when women`s personal and professional lives are in the middle of the whirlwind of changes, it is important to deep dive into yourself and discover who you really are, what you need and want, and what your mission of life is. Clear vision and understanding of yourself give opportunities to build up the life you have dreamt of. It can be mental and financial independence, freedom, security, satisfying love life, deep loving relation with your children and parents, new business opportunities, etc.

“To get what you want in your life,
you need to understand your thinking and behavioural strategies,
be aware of your limiting beliefs and know how to lead yourself.”



How aware am I of myself?


How does my behavior
support achieving
my dreams and goals?


How am I in different relationships / groups?


How to use my strengths,
values, mental models and
behavior style
to achieve
my goals in the

1:1 coaching session

In a like-minded group you’ll find supporting and
encouraging people who have the same aim: 

 – to look deeper inside and get acquainted with your inner self  – who am I?
 – to discover your limiting beliefs and find positive ones to support you
 – to understand what is really holding you back – Why do I behave or act as I do?
 – to name your wishes and needs –  What are my future vision and dreams?
 – to make an action plan – How do I start?
 – to make your very first step towards your dream life 

After the programme you will have:

          – clear understanding of yourself (strengths and weaknesses)
          – your future vision, well-defined goals with an action plan
          – individual coaching session to help to start planning concrete steps
          – variety into your life

Join with like-minded people